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The General Lighthouse Authorities (GLAs) support a range of radionavigation systems to deliver a flexible service that meets the needs of all users. This approach maintains service levels in the context of a rapidly changing and unpredictable service provision environment. The GLAs' AtoN service is characterised by the following:

  • Operationally - risk-based planning with an AtoN monitoring strategy in place and the marking of offshore energy structures.
  • Technologically - the radionavigation services available are expected to include modernised GPS, Galileo, modernised DGNSS, various AtoN AIS services and new technology racons.
  • Supported user operations - coastal navigation and some port approaches.

This will provide firm foundations for the take-up of e-Navigation by all maritime users, as well as the provision of more innovative e-Navigation services.

Our radionavigation work is primarily divided into GNSS and Resilient PNT technolgoies, as such R&RNAV has expertise in the following radionavigation technologies:

  • GNSS 
  • Radar
  • eLoran
  • AtoN AIS

Full details are available in the GLA radionavigation plan.