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Visual Signals - Laboratory Facilities

R&RNAV provides ongoing support to maintaining GLA AtoN availability to IALA standards. The visual signalling section undertakes GLA quality assurance of new Lights and surface colour measurement using a number of different methods.

Light Ranges

A "Light Range" is a system designed to measure the properties of a light source over a known measurement path. There are two Light Ranges based in Harwich, used to measure lights of various sizes. Both Light Ranges employ a goniometer, a table that tilts and turns, enabling lights to be measured at different angles.

Indoor Light Range

The Indoor light range is used for measuring the beam intensity and colour of smaller lights. It employs a goniometer, a curved mirror and a selection of photometric and colorimetric measurement devices. The Lights Laboratory provides facilities for other Lights work including smaller light sources.

Outdoor Light Range

The Outdoor Light Range uses a goniometer and two measurement devices over a 65 metre optical path. The outdoor light range provides ongoing measurement facilities for large light sources.

Further information about photometry, colorimetry and goniometry can be found by following the links on the right hand side of this page.