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Doing Business

With the range and scale of various R&RNAV projects underway or planned in this workplan period, a number of procurement activities will need to happen to ensure that R&RNAV activity is optimised and carried out to schedule.

General Procurement Activity

The majority of R&RNAV tender procurement activity will be via the Trinity House Procurement Department, although this is not exclusively the case.

R&RNAV will follow the requirements of the Public Contract Regulations 2006 (amended 2009) and the Public Sector Procurement Directive 2004/18/EC for all major procurement activities.

Trinity House and Northern Lighthouse Board Procurement have the facility to publish information on current and future tenders on their respective Procurement Portals. These two Portals are websites, which can be accessed via this site, or via the main Trinity House and Northern Lighthouse Board sites. The Portals are used to promote GLA procurement activity and to meet the GLAs statutory requirements in respect to procurement transparency.